Saturday, 29 October 2016

The Body Shop Haul (Autumn Sale 2016)

Hello readers! As all makeup fans are aware The Body Shop Pakistan is having a 25% to 70% off sale at all it's outlets. In Karachi, this sale is currently going on at The Body Shop outlets in Dolmen Mall (Tariq Road), Dolmen Mall (Sea view), The Forum and Naheed Supermarket. These are the only four outlets I can remember right now, please comment if you know of any other TBS outlets in Karachi or other cities of Pakistan.

The five day sale sale will be on from 26th October to 30th October. If you have ever attended a TBS sale, you know that the place is very crowded during sales. In my opinion, the best time to visit the TBS outlets to avoid the rush during sales is either within two hours of the opening time or after 9 pm when most shoppers start to head home. This time I choose to visit the Dolmen Mall (Tariq Road) outlet for my haul. We entered the shop at around 2pm when there were already a few shoppers inside, but there was sufficient space to browse the aisles. However, people soon began to crowd up the place. When we left after almost half an hour, the place was almost full and about a dozen people were standing outside waiting for their companions who were shopping inside.

Moving on to the haul, I hardly bought any makeup this time from TBS. As you can see below, most of haul consists of skincare products. Before anyone says it, yes, I went a bit crazy for the Strawberry range this time, almost everything I bought is from the Strawberry range. I have linked each product to the closest match I can find on The Body Shop UK website. I did find a few differences, maybe because The Body Shop Pakistan is still selling some gifts leftover from last year's Christmas/ new year collection. I particularly noted this because the packaging for their Body Butters have changed a bit. There is now a black band on all stickers at the cap of all body butters. The full size body butters were available in the new packaging but the packaging on the gift sets was the old one.     

The Body Shop Pakistan Autumn 2016 haul.
Here's what I purchased:
  • Strawberry Gift Bag
  • Strawberry Body Mist
  • Strawberry Shower Gel
  • Strawberry Body Sorbet
  • Satsuma Body Sorbet
  • British Rose Eau de Toilette
  • Moringa Hand Cream
  • All-in-one Face base in shade 05
  • Bath Lily Wild Argan
1. Strawberry Shower and Soften Set Gift Bag (Sale price = Rs. 1820)
The Strawberry Shower and Soften Set was a repurchase. I had originally purchased my first bag at the Christmas/ New year sale last year as a sampler to test some products of the strawberry line, The hand cream had been highly recommended by a friend and the body butter had many positive reviews online. The good thing about this bag is that it is perfect for travelling. I had a two day official trip to northern Sindh this month and I took this bag along. The body butter and hand cream were used up long before, so I used the extra space for adding my tooth brush, tooth paste and shampoo to the bag. The actual price of this bag is Rs. 2800 and after 35% discount I bought it for Rs. 1820 only. 

The bag contains four items:

  • Strawberry Shower Gel 60ml
  • Strawberry Body Butter 50ml
  • Strawberry Hand Cream 30ml
  • Mini bath lily
The Body Shop Strawberry Shower and Soften Set.
The Strawberry Hand Cream was my favorite from this bag and one that I had finished up the fastest. It is the only full size item in this set. It was an indulgence that I had decided at that time was not worth re-purchasing. However, as the winter season is starting to creep in, my hands are starting to feel quite dry. My only reason for re-purchasing this bag was because the strawberry hand cream was not available separately.

The Strawberry Body Butter was my favorite leg moisturizer last winter. I finished the mini version during winter and had purchased a full size during the summer sale. However, I haven't used the full size tub much during the summer except for a couple of days when my legs were feeling quite dry. So I decided to put back the full size strawberry body butter (with new packaging) when I picked up this bag.

The Strawberry Shower Gel I must admit is not particularly exciting. However, it gives a quite refreshed feeling whenever I use it. I do not have a lot of other fruity shower gels so I decided to buy it. I have also bought a full size of this gel, so I will probably save this mini bottle for my vacation next month.   

The last item in the bag is a red colour mini bath lily. I have only used the mini bath lily while travelling as I use the normal size bath lily at home. The one for my last bag is still quite new so I might decide to give this one away. 

2. Strawberry Body Mist (Sale price = Rs. 1567.50)
As you may have guessed, I am a bit addicted right now to The Body Shop Strawberry range. I tried the Strawberry Body Mist in store and decided to buy it. I haven't tried any body mists from The Body Shop before so I have my fingers crossed about this purchase. The 100 ml (3.3 fl oz) bottle of Strawberry Body Mist originally retails for Rs. 2090 and had a 25% discount at the sale.

3. Strawberry Shower Gel (Sale price = Rs. 1185)
As I have already discussed above, the Strawberry Shower Gel is quite good. It leather up easily without requiring too much product and the subtle strawberry scent lingers for a while after the shower. The 250 ml (8.4 fl oz) bottle of Strawberry Shower Gel originally retails for Rs. 1580 and was on 25% discount at the sale.  

The Body Shop Stawberry Shower Gel and Strawberry Body Mist.
4. Strawberry Body Sorbet (Sale price = Rs. 597)
I have read mixed reviews about this product so I was a bit reluctant to buy it. However, as I loved the Strawberry Body Butter, I thought the Strawberry Body Sorbet would be perfect for light moisturization during summers. The 200 ml (6.75 fl oz) tube of Strawberry Body Sorbet originally retails for Rs. 1990 and was on available at a huge discount of  70%.  

5. Satsuma Body Sorbet (Sale price = Rs. 597)
As I haven't tried any body sorbets from The Body Shop yet, the huge discount on the Satsuma Body Sorbet was a major in my decision to buy it. Again, I'll be using the sorbet during summers next year. The 200 ml (6.75 fl oz) tube of Satsuma Body Sorbet originally retails for Rs. 1990 and was on available at a huge discount of  70%.   

The Body Shop Strawberry Body Sorbet and Satsuma Body Sorbet.
6. British Rose Eau de Toilette (Sale price = Rs. 2895)
I haven't tried any fragrances from The Body Shop before. I liked this scent from the British Rose range and decided to buy it. The transparent stopper on the bottle is also quite cute. The 100 ml (3.3 fl oz) bottle of British Rose Eau de Toilette originally retails for Rs. 3860 and was on 25% discount at the sale. 

The Body Shop British Rose Eau de Toilette.
7. Moringa Hand Cream (Sale price = Rs. 540)
I really feel like using hand creams this year and I know that I'm going to finish the Strawberry Hand Cream too soon, For this reason I decided to pick up the Moringa Hand Cream to last me through the winter season, The 30 ml (1 fl oz) tube of Morinaga Hand Cream originally retails for Rs. 720 and was on 25% discount at the sale. 

The Body Shop Moringa Hand Cream.
8. All-in-one face base in shade 05 (Sale price = Rs. 2392.50)
I have been using the All-in-One Face Base in the shade 04 for the past year. But the shade 04 becomes a bit light for me during the summers as I have discussed before, so I decided to buy the shade 05 for summer time. It blends easily and stays put for a long time. I believe that this base gives a white cast to the face during flash photography and hence not really suitable for night time. However, I'll have to test this theory a bit more before I come to any conclusion. The 9g compact comes with an application sponge that I use. The All-in-one face base originally retails for Rs. 3190 and was on 25% discount at the sale. 

9.  Wild Argan Bath Lily (Sale price = Rs. 360)
I regularly use The Body Shop bath lilies during my showers. The bath lilies are quite thick and lovely on the skin. So I also decided to stock up on The Body Shop bath lilies. This time I bought a deep blue bath lily. The Wild Argan Oil Bath Lily originally retails for Rs. 480 and was on 25% discount at the sale. 

This was everything that I bought for myself at the sale from The Body Shop. Today is the last day of sale, so you may want to visit your nearest outlet if you haven't already. If you do visit the sale, please leave a comment below listing your hauls. I'd love to read what everyone else bought from this sale. Good Bye!!