Thursday, 26 May 2016

Mini makeup haul - Naheed Supermarket

Hello lovelies! So I went to Naheed Supermarket in Bahadurabad today and this is what I picked up:
My mini Naheed Suoermarket haul!

I saw a brand new display of Garnier just as I got out of the lift on Naheed's first floor. The first thing that caught my eye were these bottles of Micellar water. I had been wanting to try Micellar water for removing makeup for a while now and had planned to order it from Amazon. It was listed for $7 on Amazon and would have cost me around Rs. 1200 total had I ordered it online. But at Naheed, I got the same 400 ml bottle for Rs. 499. It says that it was manufactured in Poland probably for Middle East as helpline numbers are given for KSA, Lebanon, etc. 

I did try the Micellar water with both cotton balls and cotton pads for removing my make-up. I was wearing some concealer, face powder, water-proof liquid eye-liner and a fuchsia lipstick. I think it worked well enough, removing all my make-up without requiring any vigorous rubbing of the face. I also felt a cooling effect on my skin while I was using it. However, I reserve my judgement until I try it with heavy eye and face makeup when I dress up for a party next.    

Also, there was a packet of Garnier Micellar Extra-Gentle Cleansing Wipes next to the bottle of Micellar water. Tell me in the comments below if you want me to review the makeup wipes next.
2- Pigeon Cotton Balls (100 balls for Rs. 225/-)

Now I don't usually use cotton balls for skin care/ makeup removal. I usually keep a roll of cotton pads in my washroom cabinet for using cleanser or makeup remover on my face. But somehow I thought that cotton balls should be used with Micellar water and picked this up. Stupidly enough, when I got home I saw that the directions on Garnier's bottle recommended the Micellar water to be used with a cotton pad!  

As I google the name of this product, I find that this is a Singaporean brand that's also sold in India. The packet claims that it is extremely soft and gentle on skin. I used it today to try the Micellar water and the cottons balls were indeed quite soft and gentle on the skin. They were also quite absorbent, as further claimed on the packet.

All in all, I was happy with this purchase. If I don't use it for Micellar water, I can always use these with my nail polish remover.

3- Sweet Touch Twin Cake (15g/ 0.5 oz for Rs. 850/-)

The third product is a backup and one that I'm on the fence about since some time now. I vaguely remembered some beauty consultant recommending this face powder as one that works with both dry and wet application; hence the name Twin Cake. Some months ago, I asked the beauty assistant on Sweet Touch counter at Naheed to match me up to my shade. I found that FS-38 (if you are wondering why this shade seems familiar, this is the same numbering scheme that Kryolan uses) matched well with my skin tone. The assistant asked if I would prefer a shade lighter, but I insisted that I would take FS-38. 

I had been using The Body Shop's All-In-One Face Base shade no. 4 during the winter and absolutely loving it. But somehow I thought the shade was a bit too "white" for me as the days began to get hotter and sunnier. I found that the Sweet Touch pressed powder was a perfect match for my skin and much cheaper than The Body Shop. I use the powder everyday while getting ready for office and for quick touch-ups on my t-zone at lunch time. I have used up one compact completely and am currently halfway through my second. The matte-finish powder gives a smooth feel to my skin without requiring any primer. I have also used it to set my concealer, liquid foundation and BB cream; and it has worked admirably well for all products. 

Now the reason for my discomfort is there seems to be little information about the brand online; and many stories seem to contradict each other.  The packaging suggest that it is "Made in Italy" and the official website claims that it is based in UK. There was another blog that suggested that it is a German product that is being distributed in Pakistan by the name of Sweet Touch England. So unless my confusion clears up and when I find a better pressed powder for summers, I might stop using face products from this brand. Note that I have and still love the low-priced and huge color range of Sweet Touch nail polishes for years. It is just the products that I put on my face that I'm more cautious about. 

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