Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Shoe Haul - June 2016

Hello ladies! I hope all of you are doing fine and done with your eid shopping by now. Today I want to share my shoe haul with you, or should I say my high-heel haul with you! If you know me, you will know that I love to buy high heels. While I do not get a chance to wear them everyday, I still own a lot of different style and color high-heels for those special occasions.

So today I'm going to show pictures of four heels that I bought this June. Now before you think that I went on a crazy shoe shopping spree one day, let me clarify that I did not buy all of them in one outing. All four are from different shops and I'll discuss where I bought each from below. So let me start by showing this photo of the four boxes stacked up against my dresser.

1.  Red pumps from Hush Puppies (Rs. 1995)
Starting from the top, first is my pair of red brushed-suede pumps from Hush Puppies. Now I have owned a lot of flat Hush Puppies, both laced and no lace styles, since I was a kid. Their comfortable suede loafers were all that I worn through my four years at the university. But I did not know that Hush Puppies did heels too. I was shopping at Ocean Mall with my two office colleagues and we decided to check out the sale on Hush Puppies. It was there that I found these red beauties on about 30%. Their actual price is Rs. 2895 and I have linked to the website above in case any of you want to check these out for yourself. I believe that the pumps were also available in blue color, but only red seems to be in stock now at the web store. The heels are 8 cm high.

2. Golden Open-toe Slingbacks from Regal (Rs. 1995)
Second heels I got this summer are a pair of golden open-toe slingbacks with a 7 cm high heel. My previous platform type golden stilettos are starting to show signs of wear and tear, so I hope this makes a good replacement for formal events. I got these from Regal Shoes in Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road. This is one of my favorite shops to buy high-heeled footwear at reasonable prices. Their footwear is usually quite comfortable and durable.

3. Maroon Wedges from EBH (Rs. 995)
Third one I bought this month are the maroon wedges from EBH. I picked up these at the last moment from the E-budget sale at EBH in Dolmen Mall, Tariq Road. I seem to remember that they were also available in a very pretty deep blue color also. The 8.5 cm high wedges seem comfortable enough, but I haven't worn them to a party yet so my judgement is reserved. I normally don't buy wedges or platform heels as I'm a bit turned-off with their bulky look. But these were available at such an economical price that I thought I should definitely try them out. The height of the heels is 8.5 cm. I tried finding them on the EBH store (linked above) but they seem to be out of stock now. 

4.  Black pumps from Hobo by Hub (Rs. 1795)
Last on my list are these pumps from Hobo that I bought last year from Dolmen City Mall, Clifton during the pre-eid sale. These 6 cm high black leather pumps are my go-to footwear when I don't have any matching shoes with my clothes. The heels are comfortable enough but I'm not too happy with the balance of these heels. It's true that stilettos heels are difficult to balance but I usually don't have any such issues with my other heels. I have a pair of open-toed stilettos from Crossroads which is even taller than 6 cm but has offers great balance while walking. 

This is all for today. Please comment and tell me if you like my shoe haul and if you would like me to do such posts in the future. Also, tell me if I have identified any of the heels wrongly. I would love to see pictures of your eid hauls too!