Sunday, 22 May 2016

Introduction Post

Before I write an actual makeup or beauty related post, I thought of posting the customary greetings post. 

To all those who are interested to know, I'm an engineer by profession who discovered the magic world of make-up only last year. Before 2015, my make-up staples only included lipstick/ lip-gloss and a black eye-liner, only if I was in the mood for it. However, in the past year, I have come a long long way. 

I'm still pretty novice at makeup, but I'll like to share my experience with you all. Now I have no immediate plans of posting beauty tutorials as I'm still learning a lot about makeup techniques. Mostly, I plan on posting hauls and product reviews to this page. As a teaser, here is a photograph of one of my recent hauls. To know what I got in my ipsy bag, continue to visit my blog.